water combat on reach?

now if you have played halo since number 1 youll know that there is no naval based missions or maps
i would like to see a water based map where you can SWIM underwater and use boats
now i know its a longshot since 343i have got alot on their plate but i think that one water based map wouldnt be too hard
now before you say things like “on forge world you can go underwater >:(” i dont want to have to glitch to go underwater! and besides the visibility is poor instead the water should be clearer and you SWIM NOT WALK
and besides it would let reach players experience a whole new side to reach just imagine being able you go under water and see aqua wild life

if you find something wrong in the post like “how would plasma weapons work?” please point them out
p.s maybe even a new AA? :slight_smile:

Water vehicles and global invasion, and space combat with epic cruiser versus frigate wars was going to happen, but sadly sage came in and introduced armor abilities and bloom, with dumb vehicle dynamics, and ranks. Sorry bro it was going to happen.

Actually, heres a forge idea, You take a grid and put it under water where the hight on the coordinates is about 1.6 or something like that, it has a point six but its under water. You take any vehicle of choice, and then you add a kill barrier right under were your feet reach’s the vehicle. Then when you get out, you die, so you need the boat.