Watching replays

Can I watch replays if my halo4 is installed on a flash drive? It says I need an xbox360 hard drive in order to save local files (which obviously I do have, but halo isnt installed on it because its only 4 gigs). I don’t see why I wouldn’t be able to, if i can install the game on a flash drive why can’t that flash drive hold replays


buuuuuuuuumper hippopotamus

When you asked Google the same question, what did it tell you?

Instead of bumping this thread for four hours, try Google. It’s not difficult.

Anyways, to answer your question, you need an Xbox Harddrive, NOT a flash drive. I have the same problem at school (luckily I have a HDD at home). So if you want to save clips, you’ll have to live record.

When I asked google the same question it didn’t tell me anything, hence I am here. however, I DO have a hard drive. Do you mean I have to have the game installed on a hard drive? because there is plenty of space on the 4gig to hold replays

Nope. You need a Hard Drive to use theater and file share. The game is fully capable of utilizing your Flash Drive and the Xbox’s Memory Unit for these but its Microsoft’s way of getting you to buy their product.