Watched nightfall but didn't get armour

So, I got halo 5 played it then redeemed my code for MCCs nightfall movie then signed into halo channel on my Xbox. On a trip home I decided to watch all the episodes of Halo Nightfall on Halo Channel IOS I watched all of it, every second I never skipped or quit when the credits came on. Logged on the day after and didn’t receive my armour! Was I supposed to watch it on the halo channel on Xbox?
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~Does anyone else have this problem?

I have also this problem.

The nightfall armor is really ugly I have to say. Make sure you watch nightfall on halo channel with your account logged in.

That’s an old bug.
Where are you from (country)? Maybe we can list those countries which are not working in this app!
I’m from Germany and none of the achievements got unlocked, until I read this this older thread:
There is a workaround on page 3: