Watchdogs skins

So I got to 152 and most of my group chat friends got their watchdog skin for hitting 152 yet I haven’t yet? Is anyone else missing their skin too/haven’t received it yet? I got the other stuff just not the skin. Any ideas? Also don’t have the badge on my service record so not sure if it’s a waypoint thing or what.

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Yes I’m missing mine as well, this is ridiculous. When did you hit 152?

Most of us finished a couple of days ago. But they have it and I don’t. So not sure what the deal is. I seen someone had hit it a couple of hours before hand and they got it. Also strange thing is my badges dont reflect I hit 152. Wonder if waypoint is the issue?

Maybe it’s a slow rollout, I was wondering if there was a deadline because I hit it a week ago. So that’s hopeful news anyway, we should get it

I’ve been SR152 since this past spring and I haven’t received my reward in Infinite. It’s very frustrating.

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How do you redeem the watchdog armor skin? I got 152 3 months ago.

Yep I missing mine as well. Is there a code we get and then redeem? Or is it just automatically added to the game?

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I hit 152 a long time ago and I still haven’t gotten it either and I have no idea why


Mine finally showed up today. I did go on the app and select it from there. Then it showed up in game.

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Hi DrEXdoesIT, what do you mean you went on the app and selected it from there? I’m missing my SR152 reward and would love to get this sorted out. Halo Support, while polite, was unable to resolve my issue. @DrEZdoesIT

Hey guys,

Try visiting this page:

And then going to check your redemption history. It should show up then!

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@Trenton_Romulox i downloaded the halo waypoint app. Clicked halo infinite. Clicked customize. Then clicked armor coatings and it was listed next to the armor coatings.

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