Watchdog coatings after launch

For me, it’s simply not worth the grind…I played Halo5 to death for a long time so I’m quite simply not prepared to put in the kind of hours required to get there.

There are a few ways to estimate how long you habe to play to reach SR152.

The website for example
On android phones in the play store, there is a app called xp tracker for Halo 5.

And yes, it will take a lot of time. My goal is to reach SR152 until new years 2023. Maybe Infinite is in a better state until then…

Not only is getting to 152 for Watchdog not worth it, it was a complete waste of a year of my life, getting to 152, only to be conned. Just pick a base Silver Armor Skin, that covers that portion.
As for the weapon skin, the much better way of getting the Watchdog weapon skin, was to simply watch HCS for 1 hour. It was graciously given out to watchers, nevermind that it took us on average 50 days of in game match time to get it. Forgive me, 2 colors were reversed on the HCS reward, oops :roll_eyes:
That way in case the knife in the back with the Watchdog reward in general wasn’t enough, the HCS giveaway was the metaphorical twist of the knife. Again, just in case you didn’t get the first original troll.


Yeah it’s like millions of xp.

You only get like 20k per match and thats only IF you’re playing warzone.

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I can tell you with 100% certainty, that it takes on average 11 hours a day, every single day, for 11 months, to get from 1 to 152. When you’re 151, you are then halfway there. That was with buying no boost packs with actual money. For the reward given, I wouldn’t wish the grind on my worst enemy. Gone are the days where a reward was actually rewarding. We now live in a time that it’s 1 bland skin, where it’s the very bottom tier of looking good at all, and 300 skins better than it, available in the store, shweet


There wasn’t a single cosmetic grind worth grinding for my guy.

Recon, or the Samurai Sword on H3?

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Those were milestone/challenge based rewards. While some parts were not particularly time friendly, they didn’t require strict repetition to acquire.

A grind suggests prolonged repetitive actions. Achilles and 152 are fundamentally not the same as Vidmaster/finding all the skulls


I did Achilles as part of our group of Spartan Companies….would be great if they could honour us with that armour in Infinite.

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Honestly, its still a bit of bragging rights. I got SR 152 a few months before Infinite launched, however, I am EXTREMELY disappointed with what they did with the skin. Its this ugly muted gray instead of the white that was shown, and the HCS pistol skin is so similar from a First Person POV. I REALLY hope 343 addresses this as their most hardcore fans dedicated a lot of time to Halo 5 well past its lifespan, but I know there are more important things right now to handle. If they just changed the gray to white I’d be happy. /endrant

okok sorry about that, but yea, I’m not sure if its possible to earn post launch. I’d hope that a dev can give a yes or no on this for you.


Except for Achilles only required you to join a company that was near completion, so for some, no grind was needed at all lol…

I did the math it would take around 500 bucks if you used monies from 1 to 152 if you only played MWZFF

1k if you do the arena glitch too o.o

I’m only 150 the last time I touched Halo 5, don’t even know if I want to continue the grind

Luckily you can sell the useless junk reqs, to buy boosts, at least that’s what I did. I never liked h5 from game 1, there was no way I was dropping money on it lol

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