Watchdog armour does not look as expected. All wrong

With today’s Halo Infinite beta I was able to observe something that worries me a lot, the exclusive armor that would be given to players for achieving level 152 in Halo 5, an achievement that is considered quite difficult in the game; it is a reality in the actual final game, an armor not so remarkable, the pristine black and white and red state that was announced to us is actually an armor more of the pile, whose colors do not look like anything of what we were promised; actually it looks dull and dirty, like the rest of the other armors, which takes away its exclusivity and importance; it is supposed to be a unique armor, I should make an example for example the golden armor, that one looked shiny, but not this one. I believe that actions should be taken by 343 to correct this, many players made an effort to get it. This is just not right.


Yeh looks odd. The colours looked fatigued on PC. Will have to have look on Xbox at some point. Looked more grey than white in this new build.

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