Watch Your Battlepass Progression at Match End

This is a PSA.

Make sure to watch that your completed challenges XP track at the end. Earlier today, I completed two challenges at the same time, one daily, one weakly worth a total of 400 points. I did not get the XP points. It remained at the 200 XP I already had towards my next level. Resetting the game does not resolve the issue.

If you get this issue, screenshot the screen with the completed challenges and submit a ticket. Or better yet, record the last 30 seconds and submit that with the ticket.

I’d also like to see what challenge it was that I completed. If you look away from the screen, you can’t come back to see what exactly it was that you completed. I could be wrong, but correct me if I am.

I believe you are right. Once it says completed, there is no way that I know of to go back and view them.

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