Watch Where Your Bloody Driving

Where there are vehicles there seem to be idiots who want to drive a vehicle into me and i’m not talking about the other team here. I’m talking about teammates who just don’t give a rats -Yoink- about anything except getting kills. I’m minding my own business then some idiot driving a wraith reverses into me dropping my shield or i’m trying to get to get to the tunnels on exile (i think that’s the name) and some person drives into me dropping my shields but not just that, also he pushes me half way across the map where someone can pick me off. Cut it out you idiots, your -Yoink!- me off.

Yeah, I’ve already booted too many idiots for decking me with their Ghosts or even Mongooses.

most of the time they are only dropping my shields but it’s getting annoying

Lol, this halo is BY FAR the easiest to splatter a teammate. If they are obviously stupid, I kick them. But if they just bumped into me and sent me into the side of a mountain like a rocket, I let em slide.

Ragnarok usually allows me to get splattered by my teammates 1-2 times per game.

I’ve noticed this too, what the heck… My very first game of Halo 4, slayer on Complex, I got creamed by a friendly Mongoose literally seconds in. He just hopped in and slammed my face.

This is quite annoying, and I never get the boot option?

How does the booting system work in H4?