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Wonderful video on the DMR …

yeah…for RTS games.

Unfortunately, the competitive Halo community believes that the game should be built to fit their strategy, rather then force them to develop new ones. If you’re established play-style from the past does not give you success in a new Halo game then there is something wrong with the game.

They will never realize it is actually the player who is incompetent and refusing to adapt to a new game. It is paradoxical, because there would be no point of a new game if it were not different in some way, yet the competitive mindset is that it must be moulded to their play-style from an older game, and the closer it is to that play-style the better. Thus no new game can ever satisfy them unless it was a rerelease of the older game that their play style is brought from.

This cannot apply to the DMR, for the simple reason that it outplays most of the other precisions weapons, in almost every way, especially comparing it to the BR. Although, when in comparison with the automatic weapons, this works, since they outclass the DMR in their range, but that doesn’t change the fact that the DMR is overpowered, compared to its counterparts.

What would the counter be for the DMR then? Getting in close range with an assault rifle?

That works, but it’s rather boring.

The weapons in Halo are supposed to be designed for use in specific situations.
However given the recent changes, it can be said that the DMR breaks that philosophy and replaces it with a general purpose weapon for use in most situations. Also, the difference between the Assault Rifle, Storm Rifle, and Suppressor is that one is greater in one area than another, whilst simultaneously lacking in an area that another can do better in (e.g. Suppressor has a High RoF but lacks Acc., AR has Hitscan but must reload, Storm Rifle never has to reload but doesn’t have hitscan).

Thus Halo 4 is built around play style, not necessarily creating one.

Where was I going with this?