Okay, regarding Infinity Slayer, I’v been told that when you get ordnance drops you get a get choice between 2 power weapons and 1 power up, but as I watch more and more infinity slayer, I’v been seeing lots of needlers and plasma pistols in the ordinance, now my question is, were these some sort of E3 build flaws or do the ordinance drops don’t necessarily have power weapons?

I thought the choices from an ordanence drop where one power weapon, grenades or a power up… I know they were playing with the idea of having the needler as a more powerful weapon but no where have I seen the plasma pistol as a drop, I don’t think they would use it anyway because it can be used in your starting loadout

I think you should also take in account that at this point, many of the weapons (including power weapons!) have not been revealed yet. Which means for demonstrational purposes, they don’t have that many choices to give in the demo without spoiling stuff they want to keep secret for a while.

So it makes sense to put in more or less semi-power weapons like the Needler.

The Needler is a power weapon. The Plasma Pistol on the other hand, I’m fairly sure has been confirmed as a loadout weapon.

I believe it’s Tier 1, Tier 2, and Tier 3 ranked power weapons every time you get ordnance. As such, tier one should have crap weapons while tier 3 should have lasers and rockets.