Wasting Bonus Req Boosts, Failed to Retrieve Data.

Before you say “wait X minutes, the Req/Exp will be there,” it isn’t/wasn’t ever awarded. Of the three Warzone games I played today, only 2 are listed on HaloTracker, the first, which I used a Rare Warzone RP boost for. Of the three games, the first 2 had the “Failed to Retrieve Data” issue. For the first game, none of my fireteam ever got anything, anyone who used boosts, those were, not unexpectedly, consumed. Any sort of commendation progress in the match, not applied. Any req cards used during the game? Consumed, which again, isn’t unexpected. The second such game, req/exp were eventually rewarded afterwards, humorously giving me rank 30 despite the game listing me as rank 29. So the big disconnect here is that the data does flow to the servers during the match, but then somewhere between the game finishing and the post-game lobby, it just tosses the game stats/data into the abyss. It’s pretty infuriating to have things used during the match be consumed for no reward, on top of the whole “any time you spent ingame is wasted.”

This isn’t the first time it’s happened to me as far as Warzone games go, but usually I don’t use boosts. Many of my friends/playgroup who play far more frequently say this isn’t a terribly uncommon problem, but, as far as I’ve found, 343 has said nothing on the topic. I imagine that, if the inverse were true, and people were receiving postgame rewards without their boosts/req cards being consumed, 343, in interest of monetary gains, would be quick to fix the problem. So what’s the solution, then? One such possible solution would be that if the game recognizes you using a boost/req cards/doing gameplay, but for some reason can’t retrieve the stats (and won’t at any point), give them baseline req/exp in line with the gametype/time consumed+consumed boosts. I’m sure the answer is something akin to “Buy more req packs”, as that’ll pump money into the development time required to fix these issues, surely.

i just had a wicked match, and then it “failed to retrieve”,

usually when i check the req store afterwords it will show a loading animation and the reqs will update momentarily. this time they just didn’t show up. even came online to look and they haven’t shown up either.

pretty dumb

im having the same issues, none of my stats have been recording for the last 3 DAYS!!! no req no xp what so ever

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> im having the same issues, none of my stats have been recording for the last 3 DAYS!!! no req no xp what so ever

That’s pretty brutal, man. Hope any problems like that get sorted out real fast.

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> It’s pretty infuriating to have things used during the match be consumed for no reward, on top of the whole “any time you spent ingame is wasted.”

On occasion, players may not see their Post-Game-Carnage-Report. If this occurs, you need not worry as your XP and RP earnings are still being tracked and logged for your account. To see your progress, please perform a hard reset on your Xbox One. After the hard reset, this issue should be resolved, and all of your earnings should correctly be applied to your account.

Additionally, if you’d like to verify from a computer or mobile device, you can verify that the XP and RP should be correctly reflected in your HaloWaypoint.com Service Record.

Hi Forum Team!
Just a quick note, I think you’ll find that people’s post game stats are not even being uploaded to your servers which is what people are saying, yes sometimes the post game stats don’t show on the console then appear later on the site but in some cases they don’t end up being logged at all.

I just had one such game where stats for all players I was playing with did not log. I checked most if not all players in that particular games game history on the website. That game was not logged for ANYONE.

Therefore all commendations, REQ points, stats, XP etc weren’t added to anyone’s account.

I’ve also noticed that when this happens, the game does not show up in the Recent Films menu of Theater.

This is something you need to look into as people are wasting their time and REQ cards and boosts playing games that are not awarding them with anything at all…

It’s happened to me as well! Come on Microsoft/343! You need to fix this ASAP!

Sometimes after playing Warzone it fails to retrieve data. Sometimes the points show and sometimes they don’t.

This issue has been reported since launch to varying degrees. Was not happening for me until the last couple days. Disappointed to not see a fix for it yet. Especially considering all the money spent on req packs by the community. Using a rare boost and then not getting the earned points from it is infuriating because it still being marked as consumed/spent.

Happened to me a couple times after awesome warzone matches. Lost a legendary rp card this way. Thx 343, for letting us continue to beta test Halo 5 for you! You guys even reading this?? Oh and also, the warzone premium REQ packs DO NOT STACK! and nowhere on the Halo 5 bundle card or the $24.99 premium warzone REQ card does it say so either, it sure did accept the code though. BS. $25 wasted and my $500 bundle is becoming increasingly frustrating and less awesome. SMH!