Wasted XP

So I’m almost at max SR 128/130 another day and I’ll be done. I just realised however that my commendation completion is only 37% so what is going to happen to all those XP rewards from getting master in all commendations? It’s going down the drain that’s where. It seems like such a waste. My playtime on Halo Reach was double what I have now for Halo 4 and I was still some ways off reaching max rank. It seems like someone didn’t do the math here. I would like to see future specializations added to keep the game fresh, I’m not saying I will stop playing at 130 I still have a good time playing this game but I will cringe everytime I max out a commendation just to see 10000xp get sucked into oblivion.

Commendations are only there to give a a sense of accomplishment once you hit 130.

So in other words, its a waste of time.

XP matters? You can make over 9k in SpOps soooo… Why would commendation xp that is less than half what can be gained from SpOps matter at all?

nothing you will get xp but not lvl up, its not a big deal