Wasp on Guillotine

I don’t know if there is already a topic about this. If there is drop me a link. Anyway. I don’t feel like it is very well balanced. Sure you have turrets and a plasma pistol. Or I can waste sniper ammo. Even a couple regular hogs, but I don’t think it is enough. How about a rocket hog to lock on; or swap that useless plasma caster for a hydra! Couldn’t possibly make the map anymore chaotic than it already is. Anyone else?

The only time the Wasp is an issue for me on that map is when the skill balancing for both teams is terrible. If you want something that wrecks the Wasp, grab the kinetic AR that spawns at the blue side in the base.

If your team all works together to shoot the wasp, they actually go down pretty quickly. Or you could just snipe the pilot out of it like I prefer doing. You get a nifty buckle up medal and it only takes 2 shots.

I always go for the Plasma Pistol first just in case my team doesn’t get to the Wasp first (or my team isn’t experienced enough to know they need to contest the Wasp at the start). That strategy has worked out decently for me. I think there should be a second Plasma Pistol near blue spawn though.

The map is pretty open and it dies pretty fast especially if multiple people are shooting it. I don’t see a problem with it.