Wasp needs to be a higher req level

Too long, didnt read: Wasp req level needs to be raised. The weak mantis are 6th req so why would a Wasp be 3? Wasp can one-hit you with rockets…

I am sure there will be a lot of controversy about this. But i really think that the Wasp needs to be higher than a 3rd req vehicle. It is a bit of a nuisance when someone can fly around and 1-shot you with their rockets using the Wasp.

I have already had multiple warzone games where they were just being spammed out. And no, its not just because its a new vehicle. Its because its pretty good for a level 3 req.

Though i am pretty sure they woll make it a higher req in the next update. Should be like a 5th req.

Mantis are like a 6th req and they are garbo… So why would a Wasp be level 3?

Couldn’t agree more. Lvl 5 req would be perfect. Still lower than the banshee but not to quick to grab

I think overall I should have a bit more armour and better chaingun to be a level 5 req. But 4 would suit with the design now. On another note the mantis needs to be buffed A LOT to even be considered viable; its terrible (especially for a level 6 req)