Was told to post it here

Please 343 fix thisss! Its such a basic thing for a game to have.

Stats on xbox mcc Halo reach don’t work, and medals aren’t even saved or registered. I’ve spoken to lots of other players who say exactly the same thing.

I know this is the wrong place to post xbox related issues but I seem to get no response and its dead over the other end so they suggested posting here as pc players seemed to be having similar issues.

Please if anybody else knows why this is, I know its no big deal but it feels pointless having nothing saved. I wanna grind infection naires but it doesn’t feel like theres a point if they won’t be saved

Can somebody please tell me why it says I haven’t played Halo reach mcc yet and I have no stats. I’ve played loads of matches but so far not a single stat or meddle has been recorded?! This is really broken 343.

I specifically bought this game to grind but now I cant

Hello there Ywre,

I would like to start by saying, please do not double post, it is against the forum rules. If you need to add more to your original post, click the “edit” at the bottom right of your original post.

I have a fix you may try.
Go to “My Games and Apps,” press start on the MCC and go to “Manage Games and Add-ons.” From there uninstall your local save file. It’s the one with your profile picture on it. Do not uninstall any other save file. Once completed, uninstall any Game Add-ons you may have, such as Halo: Reach and ODST. Then Uninstall the MCC. Once that is done, hard restart your Xbox and clear your Cache. You can do this by pressing and holding down the power button on the front of your Xbox until your Xbox shuts off completely. Then unplug your power supply from the back of your Xbox and leave it unplugged for 3-5 mins. Plug your power supply in and wait about 1 min before turning your Xbox on. Once on, install the MCC and then its Game Add-Ons such as Halo: Reach and or ODST. Once it is installed, play a couple matches and see if anything saves.

Happy Gaming!