Was this done months ago?

From the last 343 blog:
Another piece of feedback we have heard from the community is the desire for some more relaxed modes. We thought to ourselves, “well, we have this new ball mode thing, what can we build from that?” There is only one mode that makes any sense: Grifball! (cue Halo theme again).

Grifball has seen many variations over the last few games and this time, we wanted to make sure we got it right. We called in the leading expert on all things Grifball, Jeffrey “Nokyard” Fischer. We flew Nokyard out to the studio a few months before we started development of the mode to make sure that we understood exactly what is important to Grifballers. We had many design discussions with Nokyard and he even built the first Halo 5 Grifball Court which will be launching alongside the mode this update (it’s unlike any Grifball court you have ever seen before).

Reading over the grifball announcement, and I noticed inconsistencies in their statement that reinforces what I believe: The updates (free dlc) were developed as part of the core game and simply withheld so that it could be “free dlc”

To keep it short, it reads like they got feedback from us that we want casual modes, so they developed grifball. The problem I see is that they flew this Nokyard guy out to the studio a few months before they started development of the mode. The timing just doesn’t work. Same issue with the btb maps, in the blogs they mention they had the forgers working in the summer. Using forge. Which we didn’t get at launch, it was “free dlc”. Am I overthinking all this? I just don’t care for the deceptiveness of calling it “free dlc” when it appears to be just withheld content.

The lead in time for these things is in the realm of months.

It’s not just cut and pasting a bunch of settings.

And if they are taking the approach of making each genre of game type a fully customisable playground (like with next months “ball” settings)… then we will all hopefully benefit from the classic and new gametypes that get released and/or forged.

No conspiracy here.

Just look at the halo 5 beta to the halo 5 game… a lot of things on the maps were changed before release so i doubt they are just holding on to everything to make us think anything.
It does them more damage because im sure they hear us complain about the lack of maps or game types.