Was the warthog fixed?

Did they make it better? Because I was killing with it in btb the other day.

I did notice that you could not choose your own loadout on the gametype we were playing so maybe it was just the last of plasma pistol/ plasma grenade spam that caused it to last longer but it seemed like a beast.

If this is true I will be playing alot more halo because my favorite aspect of the game has become a viable option again.

I believe you were playing slayer pro, a variant where vehicles have a better chance.

You were playing a gametype called “Pro”, which makes it where players cannot spawn with Plasma Grenades.

And just wait until your Warthog’s chain gun becomes 35% more powerful on Monday. You’re going to make a lot of players rage quit Pro.

You’re playing the gametype “Slayer Pro” on BTB. This means that you do not have to worry about Plasma Grenades everywhere you run into a player. Nothing has been touched on the warthog.

However, on Monday, the chaingun Warthog will do more damage on all playlists it is in, as well as the chaingun on the Mantis. Enjoy.