Was the last person on my team and I got 5min ban

Apologists please explain

Not an apologist, but here are the possible explanations.

  • When the game started were you the only person on your team? Example, right before the match starts all of your teammates builds crashed and the loading screen only displays your GT on your team. The quit penalty is only relaxed if 50% of your team from the start of the game quit. If the match starts in a 4v1, you are 100% of the team so quitting incurs a ban. - Did you quit a match the game before? Sometimes it takes a few minutes to register a ban. Example you quit a previous match and immediately start searching. You play out the next match to completion only to be slapped with a ban afterwards.The quit ban system is pretty stupid as it is. Since the new tuning Ive been banned for a cumulative total over an hour, and haven’t quit a single match. Game crashes and getting booted back to the main menu before the match starts but still gets counted as quit?

Please use the ban thread pinned at the top of the relevant game forum for any queries on matchmaking bans