Was the Kicked to Main Menu glitch ever fixed


I haven’t played Halo 4 since a few weeks after release, due to the glitch that caused you to get returned to the main menu right before starting a multiplayer match. All your friends would make it fine, but you would get kicked out during the loading of the game. Then, it proceeded to be difficult to join back as the same issue would occur. It wasn’t 100% of the time that this would happen, but it seemed random. From when I last checked last year, it hadn’t been fixed and I don’t recall a way of solving the issue being recommended.

So was this ever fixed, does anyone know?


I’ve heard people describe things like that, but only rarely. I don’t have any official information or insight on it, but I get the impression that it’s more of a circumstantial bug, possibly related to network conditions for those affected.

Only thing I can recommend is to pop the disc in and see if you’re still affected, if you feel it’s worth the effort to try.

If memory serves me right the people who had this issue in the past would uninstall and re-install the game and it would work fine after that. There were a few who had defective disks but they were pretty rare. I have not heard a peep about this issue in quite some time though, I would just pop it in and see what happens, you’re probably fine.

-Yoink- still happens to me. All you have to do is sign out then sign back in when you’re on the main Halo 4 menu.