was the halo tv show was affected by covid?

what the the title says

I can’t find an article for it, but I remember hearing that half the first season was already filmed prior to the quarantine. Idk if that means it’s on schedule to release though. Maybe, maybe not. I honestly keep forgetting about that show until someone brings it up. We’ve gotten so little information about it, and what information we do have makes me concerned from a lore perspective (I’ve never really had that much of an issue with the race swapping, but the more concrete lore changes really bug me).

I know this might harsh but I think it’s safe to say everything will be delayed due to the virus, I’d be seriously surprised if anything Halo related doesn’t get effected to some degree.

Yes, roughly have of the season was filmed before everything came to a halt because of the virus. If you follow Pablo Schreiber on Instagram, you’ll occasionally see little bits and hints from whats going on behind the scenes. In case someone doesn’t know, Pablo Schreiber was cast as Master Chief for the show.

I’d hate to say this but COVID 19 is really delaying everything just not video games. I hope it won’t though I still wanna watch this on TV.

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Based on the information we got regarding the Halo TV show’s story… I’d say it bloody caused COVID-19.

Yes. I’m still salty, and I’m still wondering who the hell this show was even made for? It’s not canon. So, hardcore Halo fans won’t care. It’s coming out on Xbox’s streaming service. So, only a limited number of people will watch it. It makes several huge changes/contradictions to Halo’s story, which should imply it’s for a more casual audience, but I don’t think such a casual audience will even know of this show’s existence. What’s the point of making it?

I think it was affected by something else, but the virus is shutting everything down. Logistics is a problem with COVID going around.