Was the bulldog really necessary when we had the Mauler?

I mean, they’re functionally identical, right? Too much overlap with the Mangler maybe?

I feel like the Bulldog has much better range than the Mauler.

Wonder if we will see dual wields again. Kinda pointless but I did love a good Mauler kill.

I mean that’s just semantics, range, damage, ttk all change game to game. Functionally they are both non-instakill shotguns but the Mauler could be dualed.

Well so they aren’t functionally identical then…

It also has a faster rate of fire. The Mauler was completely ineffective outside of melee range, which is not true of the Bulldog.

They could still implement the Mauler into the game because of these differences. The Shotgun/Bulldog is a power weapon, the Mauler is not.

Finally got my hands on the Bulldog today. Seems like a fun weapon.

I kind of like the fact that it isn’t a power weapon - and should show up more often.

Hope they bring back the original shottie for Infection and customs though.

Except those differences don’t change the function of the gun. The AR has had different designs for the same model, for example. Various weapons have had different designs, ROF, damage, magazine size, etc etc without being a different weapon. The Mauler is

  • a shotgun
  • that you reload all at once

And would have fit perfectly in this sandbox.