was it worth?

is it worth it to you if you get revenge on another player no matter how(even if it’s by lowering your k/d)?

oh yeah, definitely. I dont give a craps worth about kill/death. I play the game and have fun. I dont even know how k/d works lol

oh yes. Revenge is Sweet for me. And i enjoy getting that medal, so much. in most cases, i assassinate other players to get Revenge.

When someone kicks me out of my Ghost and kills me, my concern for K/D goes out the window, it was just made personal.



I better hear the same thing in 4. Or else im gonna have to yell it out.

Depends. I’ll often go for snipe campers (who doesn’t?) but apart from that I don’t go out of my way for revenge.

Well, i guess it all depends if u care about k/d. personally, i would rather get a revenge only if i dont lower my k/d, but hey, im not judging anybody elses opinion. i do agree that REVENGE IS SWEET! haha