Was it worth it for Ben to spark a rebellion?

In the latest episode of Hunt the Truth, Ben exposed ONI.
ONI are jerks, they deserved it. But was it worth it?!

The result seems to be catastrophic, a potential rebellion, outer colonies losing power. Who knows. And this is all based on events that happened with the spartan program! That happened 30 years ago! Mankind should forgive and forget, a crime that happened 30 years ago should be left in the past. If mankind erupts into civil war over this, I don’t think it was worth it.
For 30 long years, mankind has finally won the war against the Covenant and are at peace, why would Ben ruin this peace by planting the seeds for a human civil war? What is there to gain?

Not to mention Mishok has mentioned other threats to mankind other than ONI. Why divide up mankind? when we should be united to protect ourselves from the outside unknown alien danger?

I just feel it was a bad move on Ben and FERO to stir things up. Humanity just finished a 30 year long war, let poor humanity recover!

I have an odd feeling that Giraud didn’t know what he was doing. He just mindlessly found out the truth without thinking whether the truth was meant to be known. Now, he may have doomed humanity on the eve of a new threat (related to the deep space anomalies).

Giraud is just a puppet for FERO, blinded by pride he did her bidding without question. By trying to escape ONI’s clutches he just handed the collar to someone else, and someone possibly worse.

Of course it was worth it. It was worth Halo 5.

I don’t know man. If I found out the US government had tracked down 6 year olds, kidnapped them, replaced them with doubles who all died, then trained those children to become unquestioning supersoldiers who did the bidding of whoever was in power I’d be pretty scared. And fear is always the catalyst of Revolution.

The Insurrection was never put down and the problems were never solved. The Spartans were created to stop a civil war, but trying to stop wars like that will almost always just cause even more war. The UNSC just wanted to kill rebel leaders and force all Outer Colonies through military might to deal with their plights.

This civil war was going to happen no matter what. (I shouldn’t say that since 343 has total control of the story and they could have taken it any way, but if you analyze the situation from a real world perspective it all makes sense.)

Ben was going out for revenge because of how they handled him. He didn’t realize that it would spark rebellion.

yes oni is currupt if reform is to happen the bad needs to be exposed and that neans stepping on a few toes. as far as rebellion goes its the same old for the outer colonies Oni just doesnt want the inner colonies to know that the outer colonies rebellion is justified.

also that reble group mentioned in new blood poped up again.it seems they are a real thing and hopefully will appear in h5.

I think that depends on the intent of the “rebellious”.

Regardless of which, i do believe that humanity deserve to know the truth of the SPARTAN II origins, Yes, the truth hurts and it does anger almost everyone, but this could be the first step for the UEG to be able to be more open to its policies and actions. After all, remember when the forerunners decided to keep the Flood a secret until it all blew up in front of their faces? You want humanity to end up like them? This truth about the II’s could humble down humanity, thus delaying the flood

I’d say it was worth it. Now the UEG, UNSC and ONI now have to truly get humanities house in order properly. The unrest in the Outer Colonies never went away, there was no peace. The UNSC essentially abandoned the Outer Colonies during the war and only added to the tension that existed before the Covenant showed up. Now that they know that the UNSC and ONI used them as a prime target for kidnapping and augmentation the Spartan-IIs, pretty much every grievance uttered by the Outer Colonies has been justified. I still think the Spartan-II Program was the right call in the long run, but what Ben did was show how the UEG, UNSC and ONI all failed in having a plan to one day declassify the Spartan-IIs. They opted to just lie and ignore it for who knows how long. This is entirely on them, Ben merely had the match that they burned themselves with.