Was it a waste of money ...

Hello guys i dont know if im doing anything wrong but i cant actually play halo4 it keeps disconecting me , i think i need a bigger hard drive as i only have a 4 gb xbox slim but im unalbe to do anything . :frowning: not impressed so far it wont even let me use my external hd so i think im -Yoinked!- for now then :frowning:

I read somewhere that you can just get a 8GB USB drive to go with your 4GB slim and it should work fine. Not sure whether this is accurate though.

You could always just buy a laptop hard drive and put it in the bottom of your Xbox 360 Slim. Donโ€™t listen to the guys at GameStop who tell you that you canโ€™t do it - you can, itโ€™s cheap, and it takes about 3 seconds.