Was I Banned?

I don’t know if I was banned or not because I started to play halo reach and it didn’t even say disconnected from Xbox live it just wont let me be on Xbox live on halo reach I clicked on connect to Xbox live and it said test connection I clicked it then i said i was signed in to Xbox live. Was I banned from Halo reach all together.
–thank you

No, if I understand, you are unable to connect to matchmaking because of a glitch. Just reset your game, and it should work fine. If you were banned, you should a get a message saying that you have been banned for the time being.

P.S. Don’t highlight the words because it’s harder for me to read that way…

It sounds like you were getting a message saying (in the Matchmaking Lobby) “The Halo: Reach servers are down.” Anyways, if you were banned from Matchmaking, you would get a pop up saying “YOU ARE BANNED!”

Looks like your okay, move along.

It may be that your profile is corrupt.
Just recover your gamertag and try again.

Doesn’t hurt to try.