Was 'Halo: Infinity' a waste of effort?

I had never actually finished SpOps , but since I love the halo lore I decided to watch all episodes of SpOps on youtube

my girlfriend watched it with me and she was very impressed at the quality since to her it was relatively unknown (vid clips from a non-primary game mode as supposed to a tv series or movie), when I told her what it was from she assumed that SpOps was this awesome game mode that everyone would want to play…when it wasnt

When I saw her reaction it sort of hit me that SpOps suffered from a massively disproportionate distribution of effort between the game mode itself and the episodes

I know the episodes were likely outsourced so its not like 343 spent all this time making them as supposed ot creating new content for SPops but 343/MS still payed for them to be created

was this a waste of resources?

if SpOps had new content and used in game cinematics it wouldve been twice or thrice as good as it was but instead we get reused maps and overly fancy FMVs

I think Ops in its entirety was a waste of resources.
The MP issues should’ve been addressed, rather than tacking on a mode I consider to be useless.
Also, Ops was responsible for the removal of Firefight, which I considered vastly more entertaining.

it was a huge waste of resources. all that time, money, effort, etc was wasted on “push button, kill stuff push another button, kill stuff again, end” ad nauseum. they could have just made a short movie to add in and done the same thing minus the annoying gameplay.

I absolutely loved watching each Episode’s cinematics but found the overall gameplay experience quite mediocre. The quantity of chapters was high, and in my opinion the quality was low. It should have been the other way around.

-50 missions but I have trouble telling some of them apart
-Lack of custom options
-No punishment for deaths (other than achievements), you red pawn with a new, clean loadout with replenished ammo
-Incredible amounts of lag online, making missions near unplayable or game experience very frustrating
-Very few objectives other than clear area of enemies and press buttons
-Reused maps are fine, reused dialogue is not
-None of the characters in cinematics are seen in gameplay

However, there are pros:

-Great actors and voice-acting
-Great characters and story
-Cinematics look fantastic
-Props for experimenting with a new game mode
-Loved being able to play as our own Spartan on Fireteam Crimson. This is the very first time we have been able to play as our Spartan in a story setting, helping to immerse the players in the game and universe
-Lots of content

In short, I think Spartan Ops was a nice experiment that missed many opportunities. It failed to serve as a successful second campaign or replacement to Firefight as it was intended to, and did not bring players back for more. Hopefully it makes a return and is improved to closer reach its potential.

I agree with everything you said, Oompa, but…in Halo: Reach, you could play as your own Spartan in Campaign. Well, at least his own armor…

Spartan Ops would have been much better received if it had fewer missions, I think. Five missions was simply too long for the time between episodes. Two or three missions would have been more appropriate.

While I think fewer missions alone would have eliminated most of the hate, it would need custom options and limited lives in order to be able to compare to Firefight.

Spartan Ops wasn’t a bad idea, it just got very boring fast.

If it returns in future Halo titles, it needs to feel like a true secondary campaign.

> it was a huge waste of resources. all that time, money, effort, etc was wasted on <mark>“push button, kill stuff push another button, kill stuff again, end” ad nauseum.</mark> they could have just made a short movie to add in and done the same thing minus the annoying gameplay.

To be fair … how is that different from any FPS campaign?
I think it was because Spartan Ops was 50 missions that differed only in locale and type of enemy. If it was say, 8-10 missions that were longer and on larger maps, it would have been a normal Halo campaign.

Perhaps not a wasted effort, but a poor effort. As good as the story was at points, the overly repetitive nature of the missions themselves was terrible.

Too little content spread too thin.

I think they just ended up biting off more than they could chew, so to say.

Honestly, my biggest gripe with SpOps/Halo: Infinity was the ending of S1. Fighting to secure this planet for 41 missions (Epi7M2-5 didn’t count, as that was defending Infinity, nor does Epi10M2-5, as those were more along the lines of rescuing Infinity by deactivating the slipspace anchor preventing the ship from leaving, not saving the artificial planet from dunking into Epoloch’s star) and what is the best that 343i can come up with?

50 missions. SLND.

> If it returns in future Halo titles, it needs to feel like a true secondary campaign.


Cheesy use of Michael Bay in a phrase, Requiem being destroyed along with that one artifact is going to cause further complications whether you like it or not.

What SpOps needed and I think H4 MM too was the ability to use specialisations more and have the missions based on these.

I.E Must have engineer to unlock doors, download data, must use driving abilities to get away when being cahsed etc. I did make a hugh list before but not going to do it again.

I loved SpOps more than MM as it just more fun although the bloody fuel rod cannons got a bit much at times and they did start with teh big own Goal of reusing maps in episodes 1-5.

^^^^Nice idea Fits!

Too much negativity toward spops here IMO. It will not have been a waste of resources if 343 learn the lessons and put an improved spops in H5.

Playing the episodes solo is actually a fairly good replacement for FF.*
Pick the difficulty relevant to your skill (I like to play a mission on ‘Normal’ as a warm up for MM & to slowly grind the commendations).
You have to set yourself a deaths target. (for ex. 10). Or a time target, whatever. By setting yourself targets you are giving yourself incentive, you just have to invest some thought in it.

Episodes 5 - 10 especially had great locations & maps.

Of course, spops could have been so much better but still there is plenty of enjoyment to be had if you want it. 343 tried something new and I applaud them for that. Like alot of H4, it just wasn’t finished.

Lag (and idiot teammates) ruined the coop experience, but the dedi servers for XB1 could essentially fix the lag problems. (Can’t fix the idiots, unfortunately)

(As a OT side note - think about what the coop spops means for the Destiny fireteams - so much is dependant on the companions you get matched up with - one of the reasons Destiny looks very iffy. Too much emphasis is being placed on the online for new games - part of the joy of FF is that you can just fire it up when you have 20 mins spare and don’t have to consider online.)

  • I have always been puzzled why I need to be online to play the missions solo, that was a wierd** decision by 343.

**number #93 out of #10947

I liked the idea of Spartan Ops when Halo 4 was still in development, but after I started playing it, I quickly lost interest. I didn’t like that it was so repetitive and kept going back to the same maps over and over and over again.

I also thought the whole story in the cinematics could’ve been better.