Was Halo Infinite originally a Hero shooter?

I honestly think that as a MODE. This would be fun. Glad that it wasn’t the whole game though


If rumours are true yes, Halo Infinite’s multiplayer was designed as a hero shooter. Thankfully this was discarded, but it probably explains why there was so little content at launch, as they would have had to rebuild the entire multiplayer from scratch to give us what we currently have.

Halo had a fantastic multiplayer experience until 343i took over. Obviously they don’t understand the old saying “If it ain’t broken, don’t fix it”


343 is so chocked full of terrible ways to handle the Halo franchise I wouldn’t be surprised. Maybe Battlefield 2042’s disastrous launch changed their minds.


Its not too surprising coming out of h5 honestly. Campaign already had different spartans with different traits.

The kind of cool thing is that this could have meant playable elites, brutes, other covies, and even prometheans. Though knowing 343 all the heroes would be spartans.

Its definitey not a bad idea as a mode. I miss the age of halo getting new features that didn’t cost us old ones.

Pretty sure 343’s moto is to take what is working just fine as is, and needlessly change it to be like every other shooter.


From what it sounds like, that idea never made it past concept phase. Aside from it being tossed around I don’t believe it ever had any actual playable gameplay development.

So they changed the entire game within a month?

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Is that really so hard to believe? Maybe they simply disabled certain functions of the game , like hero/class load outs. I wouldn’t rule it out seeing as how the game is held together by scotch tape and prayers.

I think the likelihood of it is unlikely. it seems that Infinite has real vision/direction with how its PvP is designed, and besides if that were true it is unlikely 343i would just scrap an entire mode.


Considering there’s absolutely no development video showcasing this functionality nor datamined info suggesting the possibility, I think it’s safe to assume that the Halo we currently have has never been close to a Hero Shooter in practice.

Let alone the fact test flights far pre-dated the BF2042 beta, and mirrored the experience that we have currently.

We know about it due to an article talking about early pre-alpha development.

I wouldnt be surprised if the hero shooter idea lead to the current armor core system and the menu that swaps between them.

Especially the armor sets.

I can’t help but wonder if it has something to do with Tatanka.


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The leaked concept trailer is exactly that, a concept trailer. I don’t think any dev time went into developing actual hero shooter mechanics, since when the leak originally occurred a 343 dev ended up responding with a “the idea was explored in concept only and received very little development time.”

If 343 didn’t consult a variety of game styles during early Infinite development, it would be a bad thing imo. There’s nothing wrong with exploring ideas if we still get something true to the core of what Halo game play is.

Infinite is an equal starts arena shooter true to its core roots, so I think this hero shooter concept is just a big nothing-burger

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I have a feeling that a lot of cut content for the main game will return in Tatanka. A PvPvE mode or BR mode really are only made better by a large varied weapon, item, and combat sandbox

look at rainbow six siege and then look at infinite. you can see what almost came to be.

if they can just keep the event nonsense to a minimum then the mp should be good for a long time.

it’s when the lame cosmetics seep into every element of the mp, that is when it’s not halo mp anymore.

i hope that never happens. we’ve lost so many games to crappy decisions.

The likelihood that there were hero shooter components planned/explored? I’m pretty sure that’s confirmed by Jason Schreier and others. There are leaked materials (that you can google) like intro videos for various classes and brief renders of potential play. It was back in 2017, so obviously it wasn’t like right before they shipped. And who knows how far they got–at least far enough to be producing these sorts of assets, I suppose.

Hero shooter in the Halo context basically seems to just mean loadouts and abilities not far from Reach or H4. It probably could have made a cool potential mode if you had Covenant, Spartan, Marine, Banished, Endless classes, etc. Maybe someday.


if we’re talking about early concept/phasing then I could see it, but really I think that it was never really explored too well. Do you recall the difference between Halo 4 and Halo 5? 343i went away from uneven starts even then, so I don’t see in what world they seriously believed it a good idea to go down that rabbit hole again.

One thing I could say is that the hero shooters do lend themselves well to a F2P title, so instead of 343i just releasing cosmetics here or there they could just release certain classes every season, but its brutally difficult to pull off, especially in a series like Halo where it clashes with the core principles.

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That’s fair. People probably overreact to those assets being leaked, I’m sure games experiment with lots of things (although I confess those leaked materials would be a weird place to “start”) in early development. I don’t really know much about game development, though.