Was Halo 5 Warzone Pay to Win?

Sorry if this isn’t a good place for this post. I know it would be better in the Halo 5 section, but I figured here there would be more people who could see it and give their opinion.

Recently in discussions on Halo Infinites multiplayer (BTB in particular) I saw people bring up the opinion that Halo 5’s REQ system was pay to win. I totally understand the critiques about armor and other customization items being stuck in loot boxes, but I personally never felt that people with more money alone could use that to win. I remember when the anger around loot boxes was super huge, with Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare having overpowered guns stuck in loot boxes. Instead of progressing in COD multiplayer, you could theoretically spend enough to unlock one of these guns and use it indefinitely. That was certainly pay to win.

However, the really good weapons and vehicles in H5’s REQ system would be used up. You had a limited number of times you could use them. Also, there was the chance you could be killed before really using the item against other players, effectively “wasting” that item.

Also, you had to perform well in Warzone to get the REQ level needed to unlock the items to begin with. People weren’t starting the game from the beginning with Mantises and SAWs. Plus the fact that your REQ level reset once you used one of those items put another limit on them.

When it came to actually using REQ points to get REQ packs, I felt that the system was not as bad as it could have been, despite the overall annoyance of loot boxes. I considered myself an average player in H5, so between how well I did in multiplayer and selling a bunch of unwanted items like mongooses and plasma pistols from other REQ packs, I felt it didn’t take long to earn enough to get Gold REQ packs.

Once again, I know that the REQ system wasn’t ideal. I of course prefer a game without micro transactions in multiplayer. I also didn’t like the integration of Firefight into Warzone and the REQ system, but that’s a different topic. However, I personally think there needs to be some clarification between not liking the micro transactions and calling the game pay to win.

I’m interested to hear what other people think of the system. Thoughts?

The fact that the cards were single use and you could pay to get them is part of what made it pay to win. Second part was the fact of different variants. Some being pretty op compared to the regular variants.
Even with the game locking them until you got to the correct level it still gives a edge. No matter what a person who does not pay will always have less options and may choose to not use their cards for fear of wasting them. While someone who pays regularly and has a bunch always has options.

it is clear 343 tried to balance it so it would not be such a imbalance. But it still was rather annoying. though I think some of the anger towards it simmered down once war-zone firefight got launched since it was PVE instead of PVP.

Halo 5 warzone wasn’t completely pay to win, but the slight edge it gave was annoying. Specially when even countering a tank is hard without a rocket launcher card. Would have rather just had weapon classes, or power weapon spawns.