was halo 4 a let down for you?

For me halo 4 was a let down mainly from 343 ignoring their fans, and making it feel more like a CoD game then a halo game, I do understand 343 is taking a different step in the halo seris, I do have a lot of reasons why to like it and why not to like it, I know the game didnt come out not to long ago and has not had a good title update but I wait for it and hope it changes the things that bug me and that my be bugging others. I would also like to hear your opinion.

Yes it was


I’ve decided to quit playing it until the next TU comes out, because of the Forge bugs, Theater bugs (and missing features), bugs bugs and more bugs. I have plenty of achievements to get on 3, ODST, Reach, and CEA still. And I have more fun playing every one of those games too.