Was anyone else unlucky enough to get the "Dream after dream" Tenrai challenge?

Cause I just can’t for the love of me complete it. I’ve played like, 10+ Fiesta matches and I just can’t stop someone’s killing spree.

All I want is to progress in this event. That’s all I want. The other challenges I’ve got are complete 3 Slayer matches and win 3 Stronghold games, which means I have to go into a lobby and just pray to god that it’s one of those modes (THREE TIMES mind you). Otherwise it’s a complete waste of time. Why 343, just why?

Edit: I beat it. Thanks for the help anyway y’all.


You have one week to end a spree. I believe in you. It will happen. You will spawn with rockets and make that spartan each crow.


I’m trying my damn hardest, I’m telling you. The frustrating part however is that I don’t have too much free time on my hands so I’m desperately trying to earn everything as quick as possible.

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I got that one too. My best bet is to look for an enemy with a sword, stalk him a bit and end him when he racks enough kills.

But i might just swap that challenge

Challenges are broken, I still haven’t been able to finish the ‘‘Grappleshot an enemy’’ challenge, and I’ve tried since launch.

I had end 1 killing spree and end 5 killing sprees. My plan was to not use any challenge skips but I’m not playing 100+ games of Fiesta to do that. It was replaced with a challenge to play 6 games of Fiesta which is “comparative difficulty”. I think that is laughable.

Said yesterday I’ve played 100+ hours of MCC multiplayer and I don’t have the 100 killjoys medals achievements.

I have this, but need to do it 5 times. Will probably swap it out.

Everybody will be going for Killing Sprees in Fiesta. Maybe you’ll have the chance to destroy a tank with a Skewer?

Sorry for the bump but I managed to complete the challenge and get a killjoy yesterday. 343 you need to fix this system ASAP on launch or there’s gonna be a war.

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Actually noticed last night that i got two of them. One to end one kill joy, other for 5! In 5 games last night didnt get one single kill joy, so I imagine getting 5 will be insane.

Interesting :thinking:, you have been trying since launch but the challenges reset yesterday. You randomly spawn with it in fiesta that might be your best chance.

I feel you. I don’t have them yet but they’re waitingfor me on the upcoming challznges list >.<

Yes, I’ve tried since launch… because I had the challenge before the resets

OP you really won’t like the final challenge this week.

You have to rack up 5 killing sprees (5 kills without dying) in Fiesta matches.

My suggestion if you are finding it hard is get one or more of the following: shotgun, energy sword, gravity hammer and hide behind a corner in a tight area.

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I’ll be sure to remember once I get back to my Xbox at my mothers. My fathers home doesn’t have one. God I hope I didn’t waste enough time…

This type of challenge is just terrible, since it’s somewhat random (you don’t directly control whether someone is in a killing spree or not), and even if you try to pay attention to which opponent is currently on a killing spree, it’s somewhat random to try to be the one to end it before any of your teammates happens to kill them, since that is what your whole team should be trying to do.

If you’re trying really hard to get this medal, it’s even worse because it’s detrimental to everyone’s gameplay. The strategy to get this medal would be to try to allow an opponent to get a killing spree (e.g. you have an opportunity to save a teammate from death, but instead you let it happen), and/or communicate with your team that you’re trying to veat this challenge and ask them not to kill a certain player that you notice is on a spree, so that you can be the one to do it.

Challenges really ruin this game.


Or find a tank and pray.

Yeah that would do it

It’s not just one, it’s 5 total

I was lucky enough to get it in my first game, but when reviewing my challenges for the week I did note that this is one I would say does not promote healthy player behavior.

Were the challenge just not unlocking, you and your team would be incentivized to just throw wave after wave of yourself at the enemy team to get them to have a spree, and then begin fighting back.

Not exactly what I would call in-line with the objective of the game.

My 20 challenges I received this week were overall much better than what I had last week in terms of aligning with healthy player behavior in game. However I have asked around and believe I may have just got a lucky dice roll (Yay RNG…).

I sincerely hope 343i acknowledges and addresses how challenges are negatively affecting player behavior in game, and soon.

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