Was anybody else good, but started sucking?

Used to have a 10 KDA but now I can barely play this game.

Me too. I only get about an hour a day to play. I think everyone has just passed me up because of play time :confused:

I’m with u, it’s because the whole game revolves around team combat. No more lone wolf or individual skills, often time u end up in more 2v1, 3v1, battles, very rarely is it a 1v1 engagement.

I always get around a 1.5 KD, but my teammates go .3 and lose the for me, in turn, draining my KDA.

Yeah teammates are terrible

I do good if I have a team that’s communicating with me, every other time I suck, speaking of communicating with team mates imagine what the game would be like with no Spartan callouts

I’ve gotten better, and that is with only being able to play a little bit, but that is because I have started paying attention to teammates.

I use to have a constant 4.0 KDA but that went down the drain for some reason. Now I’m loosing every match and have a KDA of 2.3 .

Got better. Started first match at -3 kda now im at 13.5

Same, keep getting smacked. KDA is sitting at 6.8 yet I’m coming out of recent matches on these “remix” maps with scores like 4/18. I can’t figure it out… lol.

BR starts, weapon is way too powerful to be a starting weapon. I don’t get 343s -Yoink!- with overpowered weapons and grenades.

At first I was getting demolished because I was playing it like I did Halo 2-3, aka, running out separate from my team and being “lone wolf”

Once I realized I need to stick near my team and communicate, I’ve done infinitely better. It’s the most fun I’ve had playing Halo in years.

My games are starting to come up even matches. Though I haven’t done too well in my recent games. Been getting more assists than kills and deaths.

…At least assists count, so I don’t mind.

Also, the formula for your KDA is different than K/D ratio of previous games. It’s now:

((Kills + (Assists/3)) - Deaths)/ Total Games played

Well that’s the ranking system working. It means you were winning, and now you are playing better opponents

Yep, I went from tearing it up to having to look up Halo tips. I don’t know what happened, although I’m getting my game back.

I stopped playing it as well. Shot registration is a big problem since the update. Do you ever hear perfects anymore?

yeah, lol, i keep getting team mates now who just wanna lone wolf every time, resulting in massive losses because they wont stick together


Up till gold three I usually had a KD of 4. Thought I was pretty beast till the real onyx and semi-pros turned up and decided I needed an education in humility.

No. The enemy became more experienced.