Warzone's matchmaking

Is it just me or does it seem like when I do a couple of solo matches in Warzone, you know waiting for friends to get on. I always seem to get out with team members who (1) Have NO situational awareness (2) get out BR’d constantly (3) Run right into your line of fire (see (1)) (4) have no (or refuse to use/have their friggin kinect on) mics and or (5) are trying to K/D farm in Warzone? This seems to happen to me ALL the time when I solo plus it doesn’t help that I always seem to be on the losing side. Maybe 1 out of 10 matches I get a win (solo) 10% 343 really? I am just saying the matchmaking for Warzone might need to be tweaked just a little bit

When you play warzone, you’re never solo. I also feel I’m always on the losing side. It just makes me try harder.