New to Warzone and it seems fun but I need Spartans to play with

Gt: Kaskazini xiii

I’m a slayer at heart, so I need some knowledge on warzone since it’s not all about kills

Knight Shield is here to help out other Spartans who need help in halo we are here to make new friends and have fun and work as a team we also like to make forge maps as well we are a brand new Spartan companie we are here to have fun and we also do events as well we some times do a game night and a contest to see who is the best Spartan as well we will help you and train you in our best made forge maps as well. here is our web link if you want to join us https://www.halowaypoint.com/en-us/spartan-companies/knight%20shield

add me up im down for warzone

I’m down to play Warzone.

I need a fireteam to play warzone with also, tired of being matched with randoms who dont know how to work together…gt is Legend408

Warzone is a estrategical gametype and i would love to get some players to it
GT: StevieScopes

Can add me too

Gt is the same name. Not got a Mic but could do with some people to play with