Is warzone boring for you. Cause personally I think its dry.

Is this a rhetorical question?

Personally, no. It does have it’s dull moments, but that’s like saying any playlist is boring simply because of overplayed value. If anything, warzone is a bit of a break from the average Arena grind, bit more relaxing if you get into a game that’s chill and not so sweaty.

The only thing in Warzone that keeps me going are completing my commendations. I think 343 knows that changes need to be made to keep the game type playable for the masses. I think 343’s idea of balance was letting you crush a team and then your next game get crushed. Win percentages around 50% and they feel good about themselves. I wish they’d shoot for competitive close games and not extremes. It’s kind of a “so many parts need to be adjusted” game type that I’m not sure exactly what they’re going to address. I do think the forums have had some good ideas. Time will tell.

I recently starting playing warzone myself and it feels like I am getting crushed everygame.

I would get a little bored if only played one playlist all of the time, which is why i dont!

Warzone may get repetitive, but I prefer it over arena…until I played grifball today.