Honestly i hope it gets fixed but its ridiculous all the vehicles that are able to spawn during these matches obviously giving enemy teams a massive advantage leaving some of us not wanting to even pick up a controller again

your thoughts

I don’t find vehicles to be a problem really. I find it quite balance… req 6 for scorpions, req 8 for mantis, req 2 for warthogs… all pretty balanced. So you have to kill to get req so you kinda deserve getting a mantis at req 8. Plus Its not hard to shoot a gunner off a warthog or to hijack a ghost. Its pretty easy to dodge wraith shots and tanks move so slow its easy to destroy them by jumping on them and chucking a grenade into the tank. Now what I would say is an annoyance is though is killing bosses, your team can do massive damage to the Warden or any boss but all your opponent has to do is my pistol shot and they claim the kill which annoys me when my team got 2 or 3 tanks blasting on the boss.

I do not like warzone at all. Its a chaotic cluster #$%^ of two teams vomiting power weapons and vehicles at each other in a few choke zones. Awful experience imo. I will stick with arena.