Warzone Weekend Playlists

Weekend Playlists were always a fun thing. They brought something new every weekend, sometimes crazy things like Super Fiesta. It was often something special to look forward to. Right now we have Mythic Firefight as a weekend playlist. I really, really think that this should be made permanent, and the map picked can still rotate weekly. After that, there’s a playlist that would rotate in every weekend.

One candidate is the Turbo variant that was shown us months ago. It came up a few weekends, and then vanished. I’d like to see Turbo added as a weekly rotating playlist, but what else could we have? Could 343 do even more with Warzone?
I thought about what a Crazy King - Warzone hybrid might be like… Rather than capturing bases and fighting AI, you’d be fighting over portions of the map to control them for points just like Crazy KOTH usually goes. Then the hill moves to another sector of the map and so on. Or a Warzone CTF. It might be a One-Flag variant where the flag spawns in the center area (Garage on ARC, etc) and you bring it back to your base.
What about Warzone Fiesta?

Mythic Firefight should really be made permanent, and then Turbo and perhaps other variations of WZ be made the weekend playlists. What do you think? Would you like to see more variety in this? Do you have any ideas for variations?