Warzone weapon despawn time?

I always notice a majority of the time when I get killed with a power weapon that still has ammo and I’m in easily accessible place, when I respawn there’s no sign of that weapon, no teammates who’ve picked it up; i.e. I’ve almost never seen a teammate with a sniper I die with (which I’m pretty sure they would be sniping from the same spot or around the area if they picked it up). I once spawned in just to see a rocket launcher I died with despawn just in time. I saw none of my teammates pick it up since none of them had it. Does anyone else notice that? Should they raise the time it takes for power weapons that still have ammo to despawn?

I think they should maybe raise the time slightly, but recently I’ve been able to die and be quick enough to pick up the weapon i.e. Getting killed in an armoury closest to the ramp to go to the roof and then being spawned outside of the armoury furthest away from said wall in armoury. Honestly was able to save my SAW twice in that game and ironic cause a teammate just made the same comment as we were playing.