Warzone/Warzone assault match making fixes

As for new halo players, I find it unfair for all of us who are still learning the game and have no prior experience with halo from Xbox to those with very little experience, being thrown into matches with Halo Veterans. How are we supposed to improve personal skill in warzone if we keep dying before we can fire off 2 shots? it is incredibly unfair not only from a player’s ability but spawning issues as well. i feel this should be fixed by matchmaking those who have the same win/loss ratios, or even go the step further and have a option saying ’ we are new players’ to make match making more fair. I would like to hear other’s opinions on this as well as the development team. I am just looking not to undermine new players but make it easier for those who are new to the game to hone their skills and find what works best for them.

Now for spawning i will leave a link to my profile, and on my showcase there is a video with the caption “Respawning that needs to be fixed” find it here–> KiritoSAOGaming
I feel this also needs to be fixed because too many times i have been flattened just shy of respawning onto the battle field because it spawns me in open territory allowing me to be killed and being shoved right back into the respawn menu. I have had many rage fits with my friend over skype because of this. The respawns need to be fixed to spawn you in a safer area than just in the open even if it is on a random spawn rate. Now another issue with spawning, my friend has spawned a vehicle and gotten it insa-destroyed because it spawned him where he didnt want to be. You need to have more control over where you select to spawn (given the point of spawn is under your team’s control at time of respawn. Ive been set to spawn at home base and be spawned in the middle of the map.

These two issues really need to be fixed. Its already droven a friend of mine from the game entirely because this is using an unfair system. Ive pretty much done the same except I do still play, but its not near as fun when you dont have a friend to play with online. Please, for whoever reads this, expand upon these two issues and lets turn up some fixes