Warzone vs. Spartan Ops.

What would you rather have? Warzone or Spartan Ops.
I think Warzone can replace the Spartan Ops.

I really enjoyed Spartan ops, but Spartan ops didn’t feature 12v12v Ai.

(warzone vote)

Is this for real? Spartan Ops was pretty terrible in implementation. It was a good idea though.

If it was Warzone vs Firefight, it would be closer

Spartan Ops was a nice way to tell some additional side story, but aside from that not much else. It didn’t really have much replayability aside from getting x,y,and z achievements.

Warzones for sure, Spartan Ops was meh.

I really hope warzones final build has more AI in it. In the footage I’ve seen, it’s mostly pvp and the AI is almost exclusively used in the beginning in the base and as those mini bosses that don’t look too tough…

But warzone gets my vote.