Warzone Vehicle Spawning

Is there any possibility that 343 will add the ability to choose which base you spawn your vehicle in?

In normal Warzone, I have lost a lot of powerful vehicle REQs because someone was camping the spawn so they could just board whatever vehicle came out. Getting excited to use a Hannibal Mantis or Scorpion only to die immediately without even having a chance is really frustrating, especially because you have to wait for your REQ level to fill back up.

In Warzone Firefight, 343 is really encouraging good teamwork and coordination. But if I ever want to use a Warthog REQ, it may spawn me at the base furthest from the teammate I want gunning. With the five minute time limit, taking the time to go pick this person up is wasting those precious seconds. And if I am spawning a slow moving vehicle (scorpion, wraith, mantis), it might spawn me on the other side of the map from where the enemies are.

It would be great if we had the ability to choose where we spawn our vehicles (unless we only hold one base with a vehicle spawn, of course).

Only way is to spawn at the location you want to spawn the vehicle like home base and THEN spawn a vehicle, i’m afraid.