Warzone Vehicle Spawn location

So one thing about warzone that really annoys me, is that I can’t seem to choose which base I spawn my vehicle from.

This can be a problem when spawning ghosts but mainly when you want to spawn a scorpion or wraith. The issue being especially bad if your teams only base is the one you spawn at (excluding the core bases), as you emerge into the world surrounded by enemies with a vehicle that cost 5 or 6 reqs only to loose large amounts of health or just get killed without having a say in the matter.

If maneuvering scorpions wasn’t as much of a pain then it may not be as bad, however destroying tanks is pretty easy in this game (especially if like me you spawn with some splinter grenades :D).

So is it just me that this annoys or what? Because I like being able to sneak up behind the enemy…

you can choose which base you want to spawn at. for instance right when you die, dont just go into your reqs the game will automatically spawn you in to the base you have captured, first pick which base you want then choose the reqs. or pick the base spawn in it and go to a req machine

I do choose which base, but after I pick a vehicle, the game overrides my choice…