Warzone Tweaks

So I played a fair amount of warzone today and enjoyed it immensely. However, I have a few suggestions I would like to make to improve the game mode somewhat.

I believe that for legendary boss enemies (150 VP) the point total should go towards the team that did the most damage and not the team that got the last shot in. I feel that for such a potential game changer, the distribution of points is too random. Has anyone else had a match where the enemy team was being either shut out 3-0 or 2-1 zones the entire match, only to have them kill the legendary mob 2-3 times and win the game? Or how many times have you seen an entire team whittle the boss down to a millimetre of health, only to have someone hit it with a few bursts from a BR to claim the kill? It seems fairly short sighted that this can affect whether a team wins or loses.

I am not 100% sure how the points are tallied between holding one, two or three zones, but I believe the falloff for points should be increased a little if a team is holding another by 2 zones to 1. It’s too easy for a team to hold one zone and remain there for the entirety of the match, potentially even winning depending on the boss kills. I feel like this detracts from the objective point of warzone, making what should be the most important factor of the game into a side task.

Does anyone else have qualms about some of the mechanics in warzone? Or any suggestions to bring to the table?

It’s crazy you mention the Boss kill issue (150+) because I was thinking the same thing. My team and I wrecked a 150 for a couple min. straight and then a tank and ghost swoop in, wipe us out, and get the glory.

If they adjusted that, I’d be pretty happy. It seems each Warzone match is a battle of whom controls the base in the ‘Middle’. Spire, Fortress, etc. and its a Grenade a thon for minutes on end to hold the central position on the map.

I completely agree about legendary boss kill stealing.

Having your team do all the damage, only to lose the 150 points because of a long range desperation fuel rod cannon bullet, that actually hits, is infuriating.