WArzone turbo

Has anyone played this? view article here. It sounds absolutely chaotic and glorious. How’s the gameplay? I’ll be at work for awhile longer, but I’m excited to see how it plays out this weekend.

Does everyone seem to blast and splurge their REQ’s?

Is it extreme vehicular madness?

Does it level the playing field for spawn trapping/farming seeing as no one is locked out of high REQ’s?

Is it not much different at all?

Share your thoughts!

I would like to say it’s great but the first game i joined wasn’t that great and the two after i had the recieving data error which made the games pointless. So i stopped playing as only using pistol and ar defeats the point. Also seemed like a lot of others were in the same boat.

I’ve only been able to play one match because the REQ system doesn’t work but I really like it. It’s awesome to be able to thoroughly use REQs we could hardly use normally. My favorite part of it is that we can finally use our loadout weapons from the start. I hate how they pointlessly restrict us from using them.