Warzone Turbo Request

Hey 343, I greatly appreciate the xp packs each week along with the Relief and Recovery Req Pack! Thank you for these wonderful gifts!

In addition to all the amazing things you’ve done to assist with and in the community, I have one request. Will you bring Warzone Turbo back each weekend or every other weekend until the shelter in place ends, please?

It would bring a lot of joy these weekends we are limited in where we can go and or what we can do in person.

Again, thank you for your help and support during this difficult time.

It’s going live for the weekend at the end of April

Yeah I know. It typically goes live the last weekend of every month. I’m requesting they bring it back more often while we are sheltered in place.

I agree, Turbo should be our more often, people and companies can work on there commendations and get stuff done.