Warzone Turbo Bug

Perhaps it’s my misunderstanding of Warzone Turbo but I decided to hop into it for the XP bonus. I had played it once yesterday and everyone started with all REQ levels unlocked which is what the description said. This morning I ran the playlist and it put me in a game that had already started. I however started at REQ level 1 and had to work my way up but it appeared the enemy team had max REQs. I was getting cross-mapped by snipers, vehicles, and everything else but I could only run the base pistol for my loadout. Is this a known bug with Warzone turbo when you join a game in progress?

Thought they patched this but I guess not. Jip in turbo used to be disabled because of it

Yeah it’s a bug that’s old, I remember getting it alot. Well op, I hope it’s the last time u encounter that bug.

Also, it’s a fun challenge to see what you can do when that bug happens. It’s a hard battle, and one often up hill. However sometime you can use weapons on the ground or just your pistol to succeed.