Warzone team

Hi does anyone have any suggestions as to where i can find people to play warzone with im sick of solo queing same for arena.
I used to use the the lfg but its dead now

Try joining these Dominated, Heaven, Allegiance, OMA and They see me rollin

We have game night sessions weekly. Funday Monday 9pm EST, Wednesday 2pm EST, Warzone Gamenight Thursday Evenings, Lunar Squad Practice Friday 9pm EST, Solar Squad Practice Friday 8:30pm EST, Saturday Squad vs Squad (closed session for Squads only, limited space) 8pm EST, Saturday 12am EST, and Sunday at 5pm EST. All game nights are 1 hour long. You must attend 4 game nights monthly to remain active.There is no age limit to join MGE, however, if you are not mature then you will be removed.

There are no skill requirements for joining our clan. We are willing to train with members new to gaming or members wanting to improve their current skill level. We have weekly clan game nights that include competitive and non-competitive game types. Our sponser, Melton Gaming will also be hosting clan tournaments along the way with prizes for the winners!We communicate daily on Discord which can be downloaded from the app store on mobile devices. All Initiates must read and agree to the Creed before being considered for MG Eclipse. These are all mandatory for joining our clan. If you have questions or would like further info message one of our Enforcers below.xX NaughtyAngel
Melton Gaming aka MGE Final Boss
x1x Venom
MGE CabooseWe hope to welcome you to MG Eclipse!!!Melton Gaming will be hosting tournaments for MG EclipseMinor Tournaments
Minor tournaments will be held on a monthly basis, it is a small tournament for clan members only. Winner will receive a small prize.Major Tournaments
This is held every 3 months and anyone is able to participate. Clan members will have free entry and non clan members will have to pay an entry fee. Winners will receive a prize that will be larger than the minor tournaments.Best part is all members can participate in any activities for free… all you have to do is join MG Eclipse and follow the Creed.www.mgeclipse.com

Add me.

Same here. I won’t be joining another clan though, as I’m currently in SPYLCE. I wish LFG wasn’t dead.