Warzone survival would be cool.

I am just thinking of a special sub-game mode of Warzone where at some point in the middle of the game, (could happen randomly or not) a siren goes off for all players on both teams and you are suddenly getting a message saying “Infection outbreak! Survive…” The game then becomes 24 Spartans vs. “infected” A.I. where if they kill you then you become infected as well.

I think this would be something helpful in keeping the game mode interesting even after months. 343i should be able to make small modifications to allow weird game mode like this to exist. If A.I. can exist in Warzone then surely they can turn on modifiers for them right? Even now the A.I. have stronger shields and more health, so being able to add higher speed enemies, spawning only camo elites, or just randomly throwing in grunt birthday party in their kind of like Halo: Reach’s bonus round from firefight would go a long way in making Warzone more fun.

I like warzone already but am a little sad how 343i isn’t exploiting all these potential game modes they could create. Warzone is full of potential and the hard work was already done by 343i in making it. Now all they need is to add small modifications once in a while to truly make it a long lasting game mode.