Warzone Suggestions

  • Award assist points for legendary takedownsPlayers should be able to earn points through assisting in boss take downs, not just the player(s) that score the final hit. This could be limited to only the team that gets the boss kill (similar to how player kill assists work).

  • Award additional REQ packs through achievements/commendationsPlayers should be able to earn REQ cards by completing achievements and commendations (in multiplayer and possibly even campaign achievements). The REQ packs awarded would depend on the achievement and could range from bronze to gold. Individual cards could be awarded or in addition to the REQ packs (example: get a certain number of warthog wheelman/gunner medals and get a random warthog card).

  • Increase benefit of basesThe more bases you have the more points you score over time or score more points per kill. This could relate to just boss kills, or it could also include player kills too. For example: if you have two bases captured you get 10% extra boss kill victory points, all three bases captured you get an extra 20% on boss kill victory points. If you include players: if you have one base or less, players get one point per kill; two bases or more, players get 2 points per player kill.

  • Daily/Weekly achievements/missionsThese could be like the ones in Halo: Reach. Complete them to earn bonus REQ points and or REQ packs. They would consist of both campaign and multiplayer tasks of varying levels of difficulty and reward (ex. play this campaign level on legendary, kill this many players in warzone/arena, get this many assists in multiplayer, defeat this boss in warzone, etc.; again the daily/weekly stuff from Halo: Reach is my inspiration for this). (This is pretty similar to the above “award additional req packs through achievements/commendations” and could tie in nicely with it).

  • spawn vehicles on map possiblyIt would be nice if there could be a few more vehicles that spawn on the map without having to use a REQ card for them. Spawning a tank, warthogs, banshees, etc. each once or twice a match would be nice. Earlier in the match a lighter vehicle would spawn near both the west and east bases (ex at 5 min marker a warthog spawns at both bases)., later on in the match heavier vehicles would spawn (ex at 20 min mark maybe a tank near the middle of the map, but slightly away from the middle base if possible). The REQs provide nice bonus assets for individual players, but it would also be nice to have the chance to get vehicles occasionally without the reliance on pure luck with the REQ packs.

  • Better new player instructionAnnouncing the objectives that help score points for your team a little better for players first few matches would be nice (for something like the first 10 matches, the bosses and bases to capture would be pointed out a little more clearly). I just see way too many players that seem to not know what they are doing in warzone and seem to not realize where/when bosses spawn. A lot of matches could benefit from players that understand how the warzone game type works.

  • Breakout Mechanic?There should be some sort of breakout mechanic to allow a team that has lost all bases the ability to retake a base (the one nearest their home base would be most appropriate). The simplest way to do this would be to do something like the team that is defending their core doesn’t use up any REQ cards when used (they would still need to have enough points); the more difficult way to implement this would be to have some sort of in home base event spawn that would give the team that wins the event an legendary level npc ally to either help retake the nearest base, or help destroy the core.
    The core game so far is great, but I feel it could really benefit from some of these suggestions as well as some other additions and tweaks. If they work on adding some stuff like the aforementioned suggestions, I feel Halo 5 multiplayer could be something truly great.