Warzone Suggestion

I haven’t been on the forums in the longest time, but it wouldn’t surprise me if people brought this up already. Sanctum. It is by far the worst map ever for Warzone. It’s actually really nice for Firefight, but for classic Warzone it’s a mess:

  • The first team to capture the temple wins the game 90% of the time, and once they have that base that means they get to spawn on the high ground, while the losing team spawns naked and afraid in their home base, and tries to sneak into one of the few entrances of the temple. But of course since the enemy team gets to spawn right there they have the whole base on lockdown all the time, whether they even try to or not.

  • Also, all of the major bosses literally spawn right over their head, so while they’re collecting easy kills and points just by doing cartwheels in the temple, they’re also collecting periodic 100+ point boss kills that the other team can barely get to without getting shot by half of their opponents.

  • And the losing team shouldn’t even bother capturing the farside base, because Sanctum has all the bases are so close together that anyone in the temple can see the capture progress waypoint at all times, so as soon as you start capturing their second base they send over a few guys to pop a couple rounds in your skull.

So my suggestion? Just remove it from Warzone, but keep it in Firefight.