Warzone Spawns needs updated.

I was playing on summit and my team had captured the east armory and Garage, the enemy team of course had the west armory, this is no joke, after I died, I spawned where the enemies were on the west side when I went to purchase a random weapon req and you guessed it, I died immediately, this happened 3 times in a row.

Now I’m not saying this needs to be fixed immediately, but this needs to be fixed immediately cause I’m not one to say I todaso, but I todaso, I -Yoinking!- todaso.

Has anyone had any problems with the spawns here and there? It’s not a major issue but when you spawn with an ultra rare weapon, you damn sure don’t want to spawn in the middle of the -Yoink-.


I found warzone spawns really good. The only problem i have is spawning to far away from the action.

Ive only had bad spawns in arena.

You don’t like spawning outside the base you choose into an enemy Ghost/tank?